How to Think Right

Geoff McDonald
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What skills should you be developing to move your career forward?

In Daniel Pink’s bestselling book A Whole New Mind he challenges traditional career wisdom. And, he points to a seismic shift in understanding what is needed to be successful in today’s digital, global and conceptual world.

He asks three fundamental questions:

  • Is what I’m offering in high demand in an age of abundance?
  • Can someone overseas do what I do cheaper?
  • Can a computer do I what I do faster?

The answers may surprise you.

This issue comes as a three-part set.

First, a 12-page ebook from Book Rapper summarizes the core ideas in a visual style for you to digest in 30 minutes. This will save you around 5 hours reading the full book. Plus, we’ve added a preference test to check if you’re ready to succeed in the Conceptual Age. And, it's filled with 30 actions for you to take to shift your career in the right direction.

Second, a 30-minute slideshow with audio explanations so you can watch the big ideas on your favourite device.

Third, we’ve included a separate audio file in case you prefer to listen whilst you walk the dog, workout or drive to work.

We suggest it is worth at least $20 for the ebook, the video and the audio. That’s about the price of the full book. And, you can pay as much or as little as you want starting at $2. To help you decide, consider: how much is one essential piece of career advice worth to you? Plus, what's the time saving of reading a quality book summary worth to you?

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How to Think Right

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