Content Marketing Blitz

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Content Marketing Blitz

Geoff McDonald

Attract your ideal clients in 30 days by sharing what you already know through the Content Marketing BLITZ. It’s a 30-day Do-It-Yourself course for defining your strategy and creating your content.

The course provides daily actions that can be completed in less than one hour each day.

The Course Includes…

• Over 3 hours of Video to learn the core course concepts
• The same material as Audio for listening on the run
• The slides to quickly and easily check the key concepts
• A clear day-by-day Instruction Guide so you know what to do and when
• Plus a Workbook to make it easy to complete the course

The Topics Include…

• How to design your business so that it inspires you and attracts your ideal clients
• How to create a single hyper-focus strategy to stay super-motivated
• How to choose the correct channels to sell more of what you’re selling
• How to build the perfect platform for your business model
• How to create your content quickly, easily and consistently to position yourself as an expert in your industry
• How to share your content to attract a cult-like following
• How to turn your content into profitable products

Only Purchase If…

Unfortunately, there is no software currently available that can do your Content Marketing for you. Please only purchase this course if you’re willing to spend the 20-40 hours you will need to complete the action steps over the next month. That’s roughly one hour per day for the next 30 days.

Note: The immediate download for this product is a single page document with links and passwords to access all the materials.

Plus: You can email the creator of this program at any time with your questions.

This product is not currently for sale.
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